Personal Branding is about identifying, clarifying and communicating what makes you unique. Whether you are a PROFESSIONAL considering a career transition, a recent MBA, or just want to “stand out” in your current position, Visibility Branding can tailor a proposal to fit your needs and challenges with a strategy to get the “Brand Called You” visible online and offline to your target in a compelling way.



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A strong personal brand excels in the areas of CLARITY, COVERAGE, CONSISTENCY, CONSTANCY and the use of STORYTELLING. The Visibility Branding process starts with an audit of these areas followed by a recommended strategy and proposed number of sessions to implement. Tailored to the needs of the individual, sessions can include any combination of the “menu” below. All sessions include tools, examples, resources, follow up report with accountability log, the book “Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline” and 30 page Workbook.



Visibility Branding works with clients across the range of industries, sectors and geographical location. From CEO’s to recent graduates a proposal can be tailored to fit your needs, budget and timeframe. Click here to read clients testimonials.


Menu of Services

Sessions can include any combination of the following MENU

* COACHING in identifying and clarifying your personal brand (what makes you UNIQUE), as well as your direction, goals, target vision, mission, values and your Call To Action (CTA)
* STORYTELLING and WRITING the BIO: for the LinkedIn SUMMARY area and for other purposes (site, blog, Twitter, association sites etc.). Direction and editing of drafts, material, content and copy with final fine-tuning. This is usually a collaborative process but can provide full A-Z writing. Three versions recommended (short/med/long) for usage depending on target, placement and word count.
* ACCOMPLISHMENT STORIES:  creation of 3-5 well structured accomplishment stories used for written, presentation and interview purposes.
* LINKEDIN “makeover” and TRAINING:
with direction on optimizing your LI presence and advice on how to make your LI profile stronger and increase the chances of being found in search results. Specific areas can include SUMMARY/EXPERIENCE * APPLICATIONS * SECURITY SETTINGS * RECOMMENDATIONS * QUESTIONS * GROWING YOUR NETWORK * GROUPS
* STARTUPS & ENTREPRENEURS: advice, direction and creation of the “pitch” slide deck for investor purposes.
* SPEAKERS: advise on developing a visibility and speaking engagement strategy around your areas of thought leadership in various environments i.e. academic, corporate, associations, etc.
* AUTHORS: advise on developing a promotional, marketing and visibility strategy for pre, during and post launch phases
* e-REPUTATION MANAGEMENT & AUDIT:  using selected tools, this starts with an audit to identify your online visibility or “digital footprint”. Based on results, advise on use of appropriate media channels with ongoing monitoring and management.
* NETWORKING or PING STRATEGY: development of a plan of regular, timely and relevant contacts with your target.
* VIDEO: advise on use of video as a brand-messaging platform which can be a VIDEO BIO and/or VIDEO STORYTELLING. Includes direction on script and coaching of delivery.
* INTERVIEW STORYTELLING: addressing your presentation skills and use of narratives to field questions.
* WEB SITE STRATEGY AND DEVELOPMENT: this can include the gamut of services for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and startups such as: writing the creative brief for a designer,  naming & tag line development, Search Engine Optimization, partnering with recommended graphic designers and web site developers, advice and direction on complete strategy, content and branding.
* 360 Reach Assessment: full report, analysis and advice on how to integrate results into your messaging. Premium version used. Click here to read about it.