Category: Book Reviews
Date: 13th May 2012

I met Guy here in Paris where I attended his book presentation (400 plus attendees) at ESCP, a leading European business school. We had a chance to chat and exchange signed copies of our respective books.

Guy’s book –  Enchantment – The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions is about how to enchant your stakeholders at all levels and in a vast spectrum of situations and environments. Replete with stories it resonated with me a many levels. As a speaker and author myself, I was interested to see Guy’s presentation style and how it “synched” with his book. My expectations were exceeded, both meshed perfectly. The delightful commonalities that surfaced in both are his abundant use of stories. His book, for example, starts with his own engaging Personal Story and the subsequent 12 chapters end with captivating stories of various individuals who give true-life meaning to what was introduced in the chapter. Interestingly enough, the most touching story is the last one in the book that doesn’t reference any of the chapters…most likely an intentional twist…emotional tug at the end.

Guy’s style reflected in his book and presentation is self-effacing, convivial, and slightly humorous….could call it “wasabi wit”. It worked well with this ESCP audience of young aspiring entrepreneurs, international but mostly French, in the process of completing their Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship. He peppered his speech with quite a few American expressions, references, catch phrases, buzzwords and play on words that a few times were lost on this European, mostly non-native English speaking, audience. Cognizant of this, he did some “filler” explaining.

The book is nicely laid out. Set up as a journey with 12 chapters to the itinerary, it is replete with good advice and tips to navigate the way to enchanting your stakeholders. Considering the three C’s of a strong brand…Clarity, Consistency and Constancy…Guy has it nailed. One question…with such a consistent winning smile you wonder if he ever gets mad. Look forward to his next book.