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Welcome fellow T-Birds to this Thunderbird page dedicated to you! Thanks for visiting. As an introduction, I am the Chapter Vice President (and previous President for 10 years)  in France and Board Member of the Thunderbird Global Alumni Network (TGAN) Advisory Board. Also former volunteer for TIAA where I launched the TIAA Career Advantage Webinar Series on “How to tell your Tbird Story on LinkedIn” (in particular what to say in the SUMMARY i.e. your story).

As a Career Coach and Storyteller I work with a slew of Tbirds located across the globe and many feature in my book Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline”  which is chock full of tips, tools, examples, makeovers, interviews and resources. My “gift” to you is the eBook which you can request  at Also I would be delighted to have a complimentary chat to discover more about your “story”, field any career related questions and/or give you feedback on your LinkedIn profile (one of my areas of expertise). Schedule a chat here

If not already connected on LinkedIn, send me an invite and hope to meet you virtually, if not in the physical world, soon.

Yours in Story,

Bernadette ’84